Welcome to the Hierarchy Wiki!Edit

Hierarchy is a new plugin in development. for the Minecraft server mod Bukkit . It is created by 7rmb7. It aims to improve upon the existing group plugins (Factions, Towny, etc.) and add groups of villages, groups of groups of villages, and so on, until you have a "Hierarchy" of containers of villages.


Hierarchy is, at the moment, nowhere close to completion. It is still in its preliminary stages. However, some of the main ideas that will be implemented into this new plugin can be released:

  • Land claiming: Instead of normal land-claiming mechanisms where the opponent has to be online and lose power, Hierarchy will approach it another way. In the middle of each chunk will be an obsidian block, 2x2x2. To neutralize the land, you will have to mine that entire block. Each obsidian block, however, will reappear 10 minutes after it was mined if there are still obsidian blocks left.
  • Anti-Griefing: Instead of not letting players destroy others' villages, their efforts will only be nerfed. Fire spreads 10 times slower, and each block must be destroyed 10 times before it is gone forever. NOTE: Unlike the obsidian blocks at the center, their points (out of 10) will never regenerate.
  • News: Players will recieve what news they want to hear (and are allowed to hear) in-game and then when they log on. The algorithm for determining which news is most important is still being worked on.
  • Quotas: Each village, city, kingdom, and nation can set quotas (or taxes) on its suboordinates. (They are expected to re-distribute those items back to their suboordinates via projects.)
  • Capitals: Every village, city, kingdom, and nation will have a capital. For nations, their capital is a kingdom, whose capital is a city, and so on, until the village's capital is a chunk.

More will be added as the plugin is developed.

What is this Wiki for?Edit

This wiki is, for the most part, the documentation for Hierarchy. There will be a page for every command, error, etc.

Why? It won't all fit in-game.